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    enjolras, courfeyrac, & combeferre | yosb

    enjolras is no longer allowed to sleep in the center because when he does courf aways ends up on the floor without exception

    redo of this

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    This is how you make the meaning,
                you take two things and try to define the space between them. (x)

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    at the shrine of friendship, never say die

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    (although I might add some plants and flowers later)

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    Fic where Steve has always felt broken and conflicted about his sexuality.
    He loved Peggy a lot, and he’s always wanted a relationship: had crushes on men and women.
    But he knew he wasn’t the same even as his other bisexual and gay friends.
    He’d never wanted what other people talked about when they talked about love, never wanted sex or anything physical. Hadn’t understood what was wrong with himself, if it meant his feelings weren’t real.

    Fast forward to the present. Steve is confused all over again because he thought it would be different with Sam… After all, one of the first things he’d felt when he’d met him was a strong attraction and appreciation for his physical beauty. He’d immediately been deep in Crush with him and wanted to be something to him, and then later, it had gotten stronger: he liked him so much, he wanted to be important in this guy’s life; wanted him to stay around basically all the time, forever.

    And he rationalized to himself: after all, he’d never had a chance to relax with Peggy, but he KNOWS he loved her. He’d been head-over-heels smitten with her, felt like swooning when she gave him those bedroom eyes. Wanted all kinds of things. Surely the sexual feelings would have eventually happened, they did for everyone else. He just needs to let it happen with Sam.

    But he still doesn’t feel anything sexual, even as he falls more desperately in love with Sam all the time.

    And he’s elated when they mutually come out about their feelings for one another and start a relationship.
    Sam says he’d like to take it slow physically and Steve agrees: grateful, but guilt-ridden and conflicted about how he’s going to proceed and how heartbroken Sam would be if he found out Steve can’t love him with everything he should have: that Steve is missing something vital.

    But then Sam sits him down and (obviously taking a lot of maturity and courage to give Steve a talk he’s given people before) tells Steve he’s asexual.

    Sam explains what asexuality is, answers Steve’s (increasingly detailed and awed) questions.

    Yes, he feels romantic love (not all aces do) and he’s in love with Steve.
    He finds people attractive, but he doesn’t feel any sexual attraction.
    He loves other acts of intimacy like cuddling and backrubs and kissing.

    He’s personally okay with being sexual with a partner he trusts, but it’s not something he needs
    or wants- but a lot of asexuals don’t have sex at all, or are repulsed by it.

    And finally says that he knows this could be a big stumbling-block for some people, but he would really like to make this work if Steve wants to.

    And Steve’s so stunned and overcome that Sam thinks he’s taking the news badly, but Steve explains he thinks he may be ace too, so they talk about it and share their stories and feelings.

    Of course cue epiphany and overwhelming sense of self-discovery and relief, as well as a super-happy ending and a deliriously happy ace superhero relationship.

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    make your text posts about wanting to wrap bucky barnes in a warm blanket. just know that steve rogers has already done it. 

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    Rin looking very pg-13 in his sakura and shark tattoo sleeves and cola can.

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    'Zitkala-Ša, a Yankton Sioux Native American woman who made her mark as a champion of Native American rights and as an accomplished author and musician. She and her husband, Raymond Bonnin, founded the National Council of American Indians in 1926 to advocate for full citizenship rights for Native Americans.’

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  • [on diversity in media] I think its social responsibility. I think it’s our responsibility to stand up and say what we want. It think if you look at television in the past two years, it’s becoming the decade of the female. Like, all these new shows with female leads. Even if you look at television, as well as cable, as well as films, there’s been a resurgence, as far as the leading woman in Hollywood, which is great. And I think we’re also at the point now…you know, it’s interesting…x

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  •  SteveBucky + quoting each other

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